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Our love story

Motherhood is light, transformation and change. We lose a part of ourselves as women to create an inexplicable bond with a heart growing within us. Our foundations become unstable, and our role as mummies permeates every space. Even our bag.


I’m Carolina Jaimes, a lively and curious woman and the person behind ANJA BCN.

Becoming a mother was the most rewarding gift of my life. But what a dizziness!

This new role has given me a lot of uncertainty.

My life did a 180-degree turn and I had to adapt everything I have to my babies. 


One afternoon in the winter season of 2015, when a second life was growing inside me, I felt something missing.

One decision, finishing up a stage and embarking on a new one.

I wanted to live motherhood from close and join other mums in that change.

Making it through a bag is the most beautiful way I know.  

ANJA BCN is the embodiment of acceptance, conciliation, and uniqueness.

It is love and profound bond with our motherhood and our bravery.

It is a celebration of life and a female call saying #YouAreDoingGreat.


Tall, petite, blond, brunette, science lover, passionate about arts…

Whoever you are, wherever you are, ANJA BCN claps you and walks with you.






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