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Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Today we are launching our blog!

Thank you for sharing your time with us. It's the beginning of a new stage for ANJA and we are very excited to have you join us.

How is it going to feel coming back to normality? in this post-pandemic stage it seems that everything is more real, isn't it? this week I was thinking about the intangibles, those little things that make us sigh, the smell of a tea, seeing the sunrise, a good weather, a landscape or enjoying the sunset... they are direct flashes to your inner self, they generate peace of mind, a positive energy that multiplies throughout the day... but they are intangible, we cannot quantify them... and for some reason we believe that only it is possible to enjoy them during the month of holidays or weekends.

For sure on the way to work, to school,... we have many inputs that could be considered as positive intangibles, landscapes, a nice balcony, a good temperature, but are we able to detect them? yes, being there. How can we quantify them to make you decide to take one route or another? If we are really concerned about arriving on time, about moving on to the next screen now?

How to quantify your wellbeing when you are in a safe city and you go out with your children without any fear, or how to quantify having the possibility of seeing the sunrise/sunset every day, and things closer to you like those laughs when you meet that positive friend? or listening to an audio of someone special? it seems an ideal way to enrich our lives with the wonderful intangibles, don't you think?

And if we give it one more twist... "solve" or find a way to turn negative intangibles into positive ones... that is to say, make our lives easier, sometimes we get into a bad mood because we can't find our keys and it is as simple as putting a little box and getting into the habit of leaving them there... and we avoid the morning stifle that surely ends up affecting the whole family, maybe we would all be a little happier and society in general would spread more smiles.

When children arrive, where you have to pick your battles because you can't win them all, it becomes an invaluable help... and that is precisely ANJA's mission, to facilitate the daily actions of all new mums (and dads) so that they have more energy available to enjoy with their children. With beautiful and sophisticated designs specially created from the experience of being a mum, a beautiful and hard stage at the same time. And it reminds you that you're doing it right! because at that moment it doesn't work in your favour to have your hormones to the max, we feel like the forgotten ones, when it should be the other way round, because everything revolves around us, if we are well, our babies will be well.

Looking for information about feelings towards the intangible, I was pleasantly surprised, the fact that is linked to gratitude, invites us to be present and value those little things that give us well-being, I like to see the sun rise, and the sunset, and you will laugh, but the fact of carrying a box of tissues in the car, gives me peace, knowing that if I need them (well, my children more than me 😂) there it is.... I'd love to know what your favourite intangibles are, I'm sure you've already identified them.

Thanks for reading me, I hope to keep seeing you here!

Have a nice day!!

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